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2021-12-23 06:07:18 By : Ms. Ellen Liu

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Fans of “The Matrix” franchise are getting a chance to dress the part.

Canadian denim brand Naked and Famous, known for their unique fabrications and branding, recently dropped a range of men’s black denim celebrating “The Matrix Resurrections” film arriving on Dec. 22.

The collection includes a coated denim jacket and jeans in a variety of fits, all featuring non-reflective buttons and rivets, as well as a black leather patch with the movie’s “falling code” imagery embossed with green foil. The theme is carried into select jeans’ selvedge ID in the form of green metallic yarn.

Two fabrics are used in the collection: the “falling code” selvedge, a 13.5-ounce Japanese denim woven using sulfur-dyed black yarns on both the warp and weft; and “free will” selvedge, a 13.5-ounce indigo Japanese denim with a black leather-like  coating that nods to the film’s slick leather costumes.

The latter is designed to crack and fade away, revealing the indigo denim layer underneath as well as blue and red selvedge IDs, which allude to the movie’s iconic red pill/blue pill debate. In the film, the main character played by Keanu Reeves is given the choice to take a red pill to learn the truth, or take a blue pill to escape.

“We’re big fans of the movie and have been working on this project for some time,” said Bahzad Trinos, sales manager at Naked and Famous. “Our customers are always excited when we do film tie-ins.”

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The brand has debuted collections in celebration of “Ghostbusters,” “Friday the 13th,” “The Toxic Avenger” and more.

Movies and TV shows hold a special place in fashion’s sartorial expressions. Brands have long developed collections that celebrate a movie’s release and tap into consumers’ feelings of nostalgia and escapism. Tommy Jeans released a collection in anticipation of the “Space Jam: A New Legacy” movie in June of this year, and Levi’s dropped several themed capsules for the “Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalker” film in 2019.

Core Naked and Famous fits are offered in “The Matrix” line, including the Super Guy, a skinny tapered jean with a medium rise; Weird Guy, a standard tapered jean with a medium rise; and Easy Guy, a high-rise tapered jean. Jeans retail for $225 and come in sizes 27-44. The jacket retails for $285 and comes in sizes XS-XXL.

The collection is now available in Montreal at Tate + Yoko and in the U.S. at Naked & Famous Denim New York City and online.

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